You asked: Is a Greatclub a monk weapon?

For instance, weapons such as a Greatclub or a Light Crossbow gain the martial arts feature despite them not being monk weapons.

What counts as a monk weapon?

A Monk weapon is: “any simple melee weapons that don’t have the two-handed or heavy property.” So a Monk weapon is a QuarterStaff and Spear because it does not property “two-handed oor heavy”.

What is a Greatclub?

A greatclub is a simple two-handed melee weapon in the mace weapon group. … Other classes do not have proficiency with the greatclub as a class trait, but any character can become proficient by taking a Weapon Proficiency feat.

Which weapons are monk weapons?

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Base Simple Weapon Monk Weapon
Quarterstaff Three-section staff Bō Eku Dragon pole
Sickle Kuwa Kama
Spear Qiang Yari
Other Kusarigama

Can monks use QuarterStaff?

The Monk can use the quarterstaff with two hands and then, with a bonus action, use unarmed strike. In fact, the restriction is for weapons with the properties two-handed and heavy.

Are whips monk weapons?

Is a whip a monk weapon? Monk weapons are short swords and simple melee weapons that aren’t two-handed or heavy (pg 78, PHB), so no. Interestingly, as the whip is Finesse, a Rogue could apply Sneak Attack with it.

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Do monks need weapons?

Monk weapons are short swords and simple weapons that don’t have heavy or two handed properties.

What is a light hammer?

A light hammer is a light, martial melee weapon of the hammer family that can be used as a ranged weapon.

Why is it called a quarterstaff?

The quarterstaff attained great popularity in England during the Middle Ages. It was usually made of oak, the ends often being shod with iron, and it was held with both hands, the right hand grasping it one-quarter of the distance from the lower end (hence the name) and the left at about the middle.

How heavy is a great club?


Name Cost Weight
Greatclub 2 sp 10 lbs

Do darts count as monk weapons?

Monks can use the dart as it is a simple ranged weapon. However, they cannot use them with the Monk’s martial arts class feature since they are not melee weapons. Simple Melee Weapons and shortswords are monk weapons, not proficiencies.

What is the best monk weapon?

Best monk weapon is called fists.

Can a trident be a monk weapon?

Bards, clerics, druids, monks, rogues, and warlocks are proficient with simple weapons but not martial weapons. For them, their proficiency bonus would be an advantage of the spear over the trident. However, these are not the only weapons with the same mechanics (other than price and weight).

Can I use a spear as a monk weapon?

Yes, spears count as monk weapons. The bonus unarmed attack can be a kick, a headbutt or knee strike, or he can take a hand off the spear to do it.

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Can monks use finesse weapons?

While monks don’t give the weapons they use the finesse function by name, the fact that a monk can use either str or dex bonus for these weapons does make them finesse. The definition of finesse is that str or dex can be used.

Do monk weapons count as unarmed strikes?

Per Martial Arts, if you attack with a Monk weapon then you are allowed to make an unarmed strike as a bonus action.

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