You asked: Why can’t I shoot the Infinity pistol?

Why can’t I shoot my Infinity pistol?

Smaller, Lighter, Faster reduces the Infinity’s ammo count to zero if you have even one point invested in it, rendering the gun incapable of firing. The same thing happens with the “12 Pounder” launcher from the Scarlett DLC.

How rare is the Infinity pistol in Borderlands 2?

Infinity (BL2)’s Drop-Rates and all Sources: Lt. Angvar: 12.5%

Can you get the infinity pistol in True Vault Hunter mode?

1 Answer. Yes the Infinity Pistol drops in True Vault Hunter Mode (TVHM) but its droprate is bugged (Bugged in TVHM and UTVHM). The droprate is incredible low and as you can see in other borderlands forums you see that people got infinity pistols in TVHM after 1000+ kills too.

How do I get the Infinity pistol?

Infinity is a legendary pistol in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Vladof. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Doc Mercy located in Three Horns – Valley, the Gold Golem located in the Mines of Avarice, tubby enemies during True Vault Hunter Mode, and Lt.

Does the Vault Hunter relic increase legendary drops?

For those who are unaware the Vault Hunter Relic does NOT increase the drop rate of legendary weapons. All it does is decrease the drop rate of common (green) weapons and increase the drop rate of rare (blue) weapons.

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What is the drop rate of the Infinity pistol?

Any legendary has a 1/20 (5%) drop rate from the boss it’s assigned to, the infinity pistol is assigned to Doc Mercy. Any legendary has a 1/1000 (. 1%) to be found in a chest, random drop, or in a skag/stalker/whatever pile.

Who drops the Infinity pistol?

Borderlands 3 Infinity Pistol location

As for the specific bosses we know about that can drop the Borderlands 3 Infinity Pistol, the main one is right at the end of the game: Troy Calypso. Killing him has a chance of dropping the weapon, as seen in this video from Glitching Queen.

How much does the infinity gun cost?

SVI Infinity pistols currently rank among the most popular – and most expensive – competition 1911 pistols made. Complete SVI handguns start at $4,200 (as of 2019) plus the cost of any customizations.

When can you farm the Infinity pistol?

Before you can start farming him you need to complete mission called Medical Mystery. You can get it from Dr Zed after you finished Do No Harm from him. It is available to you when you get to Hunting the Firehawk in main story quest.

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