Your question: How many pistols can you carry in ac3?

You are allowed to carry 5 at first but this number can be increased by crafting better pouches at the homestead. When you run out more can be purchased at the general stores for 125 pounds.

Which is the best pistol in AC3?

The War Tomahawk is the best melee weapon and Washington’s Sword replica is the best sword. I think the best pistol is the Royal Pistol. The Royal Pistol and the Royal Navy Pistol are not the same thing.

What’s the best pistol in Assassin’s Creed 3?

Personally I find the Italian Flintlock to be the best one for pure looks. I just love the long barrel and how it sticks out the back when it’s holstered. The Royal Flintlock comes second. Not only does it look cool but it can fire off two shots per pistol.

Can you dual wield in Assassin’s Creed 3?

A new feature that is in this game is the ability to use two different weapons in combat. You have a primary, and a secondary weapon. Primary weapons are consist of your swords, hidden blade, Tomahawks, and fists. … This allows use of a sword in combat and with another button shooting a pistol without entering any menus.

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Where is Ellen ac3?

Ellen Mission #1: Cutting Ties

This mission is available in east New York at the beginning of Sequence 9. Approach the young girl asking for help to trigger the mission. Follow the girl as she leads you to Ellen around the corner. Bust out the fists and give a beating to her abuser to complete the mission.

What is the best sword in AC 3?

Sawtooth Sword – This sword is Captain Kidd’s lost treasure awarded upon completion of the Lost Mayan Ruins mission, which can be obtained as one of GameStop’s pre-order bonuses and is included in some Collector’s Editions of the game. One of the best swords of the game.

Where can I get special iron ingot in ac3?

Other Answers

  • You get them from completing homestead quests. You can also find an unlimited supply right behind your mansion in Davenport Homestead. …
  • You find them in chests. Each crafted weapon has its own special ingot. …
  • The game is still fresh so not that much people beated the game yet.


How do you fire a gun in Assassin’s Creed 3?

Hold R to bring up the weapon select menu. You can then hotkey it to 1-4 or just equip it. After that hit Q to fire it.

Which Assassin’s Creed has guns?

Handguns. While the game is not primarily a shooter, guns play a major role in Syndicate. Although not the first Assassin’s Creed game to have guns, it is the first to feature them as a major tool of combat.

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What can you craft in ac3?

Special Items

Item Artisan Resources
Naval Duckfoot Big Dave (level 3) Special Iron Ingot Flints Lead Ore
Poison Dart Pouch Upgrade 1 Ellen (level 1) Beaver Pelt Hare Pelt Sewing Threads
Quiver 1 Lance (level 2) Ellen (level 1) Cow Hide Ash Lumber
Rope Dart Pouch 1 Ellen (level 1) Hare Pelt Sewing Threads

How do you get better weapons in Assassin’s Creed 3?


  1. Buy them from the stores. …
  2. To get more weapons, make sure you have looted the chests, as they provide recipes for new weapons, which should then be available to craft using your homestead, or buy them from general stores.
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